Multimedia Real-time Multi-threaded Interactive Technology Applications

In cooperation with Flourishing Technology Inc. and its joint venture Freix (Beijing) Animation Technology Co., Ltd., the company is committed to the research and development of cultural and tourism facilities and products based on multimedia real-time multi-threaded interactive technology, investment and construction, sales and operation and maintenance, consumer customer management and maintenance. Research and development and operation of scientific and technological immersive interactive multimedia cultural tourism products integrating research and development of immersive interactive education and teaching facilities and products, marketing and customer management and maintenance.


Flourishing Technology Inc. has the world’s leading multimedia real-time multi-threaded interactive technology,which is the exclusive real-time multi-threaded interactive multimedia technology in China. Currently, this technology has been applied to a variety of scenarios or industries such as theme parks, cultural tourism projects, museums, exhibition halls, education and teaching.Flourishing Technology Inc. has established strategic partnerships with Happy Valley, Overseas Chinese Town Group, Suzhou Amusement Park, Urumqi Tourism Bureau Water Park, Xuzhou Amusement Park, China Film Group, Panasonic, Schneider-Electric, Phoenix Contact, Winmate, AELTA, CHRISTIE, SEW-EURODRIVE, etc., providing high-tech Mas-D innovative products to multimedia interactive projects of theme parks, integrating knowledge, fun, entertainment and participation.