Business Overview



Roan Holdings adheres to the two operating strategies of "industrial operation + capital investment" and "technological innovation + creative upgrading", focusing on interactive technology, data technology, biomedicine, payment technology, financial technology and other technologies in cultural tourism consumption, health, etc. Realization opportunities under industrial application scenarios, focusing on the construction of cultural tourism consumption and the construction of a large health ecosystem and key innovative technologies, focusing on the needs of family units and individuals to develop retail financial services, cultural tourism consumption services and health consumption service markets.



Based on the development of low-risk SME financing services, the company further expands its retail finance business: health care + insurance + consumer finance. The company has successively established cooperation with insurance technology companies and insurance brokerage companies, blockchain and artificial intelligence companies. Build a "technology + insurance + health care" service platform, and gradually expand the consumer finance market based on the basis of health and insurance service customers. Carry out the construction of the life consumption service ecosystem and related operation services, carry out the promotion and application of the cross-platform rights clearing and settlement system, build individual users' cross-platform point rights consumption solutions, and provide cross-scenario digital marketing and traffic conversion services.



In the field of cultural and entertainment consumption, the company promotes the development of amusement park ecosystems, consumer cooperation, tourist flow conversion, and consumer customer management operations. In the field of large health consumption, we will build systematic solutions that meet the needs of overseas customers, such as online remote diagnosis and treatment, artificial intelligence technology systems, and direct supply of Chinese medicine products for overseas markets. In the field of personal consumption, we cooperate with business travel platform service providers and rely on the cooperation channels of financial institutions to expand the business travel service platform for C-end and B-end users and overseas markets. Deploy the field of smart travel consumption, provide individual users with accurate and real-time smart parking services and products, and provide financial customers with digital marketing solutions.