One-Stop Internet "Innovative Insurance Service + Health Care" Service Platform

The company’s comprehensive health and medical insurance services are dedicated to providing integrated financial services for Chinese small- and medium-sized enterprises customers(“SME”)and individuals, health management services for corporate employees’ families, innovative insurance and health care services, and solutions for consumer financial services. Through the cooperation and synergy of our partner, we promote the process of “one-stop” Internet-based insurance and health care service platform. Through the “one-stop” Internet insurance healthcare service platform, we provide cost-effective and customized health insurance solutions, customized insurance products and data management and operation services to employees and families of enterprises and institutions.



The newly established FINE C+ Health Technology (Hangzhou) Limited ( "FINE C+ Health") focuses on further integrating the resources of medical institutions, scientific research institutes, pharmaceutical manufacturing enterprises and commercial insurance institutions, improving the overseas medical and pharmaceutical service system, building a supply chain platform in the field of medical services for major diseases, and improving the efficiency of medical services and health management.Meanwhile, FINE C+ Health will work with Shanghai Jingmu Information Technology Co. Ltd. to expand the overseas service market of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and promote the transformation and marketing of "homology of medicine and food" in combination with the achievements of scientists currently cooperating, so as to provide better health products and services for healthy people.