Roan Holdings Group Co.,Ltd.

Roan Holdings Group Co., Ltd. (OTCBB/Pink RAHGF, Referred to as “Roan Holdings” ) is a non-banking comprehensive financial and industrial integration solution provider, mainly serving to small- and medium-sized enterprises (“SME”) and individual customers, with a cumulative service scale of more than RMB 100 billion. Roan Holdings is headquartered in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province,China, with operation centers in Beijing and Hangzhou, and branches in Hangzhou, Ningbo, Shaoxing and Tianjin.


At the beginning of 2019, on the basis of the original financial services sector, Roan Holdings began to lay out innovative insurance and health care services, focusing on building an integrated technology service platform of "Special Disease Diagnosis & Treatment + Health Management + Innovative Insurance" through cross-cooperation and application innovation with outstanding enterprises in different fields. Roan Holdings adheres to the platform strategy of "Interdisciplinary & Collabration, Sceince & Empowerment, safety & controllability, and Industry & Finance", and deeply cultivates the three major sectors of insurance combined with health care services, consumer financial services and SME financing services.


Since 2021, relying on interactive technology, data technology, biomedicine, payment technology, financial technology and other technologies, the company has focused on the layout of cultural tourism consumption and the construction of large health ecosystem and key innovative technologies, mainly developing retail financial services, cultural tourism consumption services and health consumption services market.


The vision of Roan Holdings is to develop financial services, promote cultural tourism consumption and help realize the national health dream with excellent financial technology, insurance technology, data technology, interactive technology and biomedical technology. Adhering to the core values of people's livelihood first, honesty and progress, win-win cooperation, pragmatism and innovation.